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To help you get the most out of your experience of using our AI prototype we've put some top tips below:

Make sure you've got the Talk It Out prototype loaded onto your iOS handset.

If you need any help getting the prototype onto your phone email

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  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Watch this short video here that explains how we'd like you to use the AI prototype.

Each Friday, after lunch – do a 10 minute Talk It Out to download your week.  Use it as a chance to clear your head of what's happened, what's worked and what hasn't.  


​We find it often helps to have these times scheduled in your calendar so you don't forget to do it.  If you click on the button below we'l add a reminder to your calendar for you.

Our researcher will be in touch with you before you start to talk you through how we'd like you to use the prototype so dont worry if you have any questions on anything above, you'll have a chance to ask any questions you want before you start.

We hope you enjoy trying our app.

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