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Keep Showing Up

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

With all this amazing sport going on, it's impossible not to be touched by it.

The Euro's were an incredible rollercoaster of emotion where all the best, and sometimes worst, parts of humanity were drawn into sharp focus.

And now the Olympics are taking things to another level.

It’s a spectacle of riches.

There is such an obsession around winning.

When Tom Daley and Matty Lee won the gold medal in the Men’s Synchronised 10 Metres Diving, I was punching the air with everyone else.

Human nature is such that we love to be the best; to be victorious over others.

It gives us an incredible sense of power and of course it's part of our survival instinct.

If we are the strongest, the fastest, the most beautiful - chances are we will get to see another day and pass our genes on to future generations.

Being a winner is a great strategy for any hunter gatherer.

But today; winning is different.

Winning by definition is all about the individual.

And by being a winner you make somebody else a loser.

It strikes me that this planet right now needs something different.

The Olympics represent a vibrant and diverse community all striving together to achieve.

Obviously, there are gold medals and huge kudos for those who achieve them.

But what I think is way more resonant is that the community supports a vision to excel.

They raise each other up and in doing so keep humanity performing to a higher level.

I love the celebration of those who try hard but fail, those who throw every ounce of effort into the moment and yet still don't quite get to become world’s best.

Although there must be some disappointment, they often seem to be the happiest people because they did what they needed to do and that was more important than any podium position.

We all need to show up each and every day.

We all need to get on the track, putting in the time and the effort.

Some days it feels like an impossible quest; but we just must keep going.

And my belief is although we may not personally achieve amazing things like Messer Branson and Bezos building space rockets (kids huh?) the fact that we show up and put that effort in is enough to elevate and inspire those around us.

And the world needs to elevate right now.

We have a unique opportunity to reset what counts, and what matters, because COVID has shaken us to our very core.

We all need to stand for what's right.

We all need to own our global society that will shape our immediate future.

And although we may not feel as if we are achieving gold medal status; every, single, effort counts.

Let’s not waste this moment.

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