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Washing Machine Head

Addicts have a term to describe the uncontrolled, and frenetic, activity of the mind that drives them to seek anyway they can stop it.

It's called Washing Machine Head.

It’s so severe and painful that inhaling life-threatening stimulants feels like a better choice than letting their thinking run for another spin cycle.

I have every sympathy for them.

Because to a lesser extent we all suffer from the same torture.

Washing Machine Head happens to us every day that we are overloaded with demands on our attention. We have so many things to deliver and we don't know how to find peace.

Our brain needs to rest, without external stimulus, so that we can process what's really going on for ourselves, but in today's world the brain never does.

Many of us have got better at quieting the voices.

We know that we need to close the loops so that they don't spin on into eternity.

We write to do lists and check them off.

By getting things out of our head and onto paper our mind’s quiet a little.

When we tick off the actions; the spin becomes less.

But we will never stop our Washing Machine Head unless we understand what drives that programme.

95% of our processing is subconscious and therefore most of the power and the context of that washing machine is beneath our awareness.

The only way to learn to live without busyness is to learn how to bring that irascible activity from the shadows and into the light, so we can understand what that busyness is all about.

This is largely what therapy is based upon.

By understanding the depths of our processing we can then liberate ourselves from its clutches.

The problem is we can't all go to therapy, and nor do we all need it.

Not to mention the fact that services are at maximum capacity and there just aren't enough good therapists to go around.

And those really good therapists should be helping people who really need it.

Instead, for those of us wrangling with daily work/life muddles, unsure of what decision to make, or perhaps trying to make sense of a new direction you need to take, we need to become our own therapists.

By doing so we will take control of our lives, stop that Washing Machine Head cycle and alleviate the pressure on our health services.

The Talk It Out app is designed to help us all do just that.

By walking and talking into the app for just 10 minutes per day, for 10 days, you unlock a little bit of magic.

We have received phenomenal feedback on the app and within just 10 days people’s life satisfaction score increased by 38% and their anxiety dropped by 37%.

Talk It Out users felt more capable of making decisions on their own and could deal with problems positively.

And most importantly, they felt happier, and their Washing Machine Heads quietened down.

We will be forever learning how to deal with our amazing brains and there is no simple answer.

But for sure, Talk It Out is one of the simplest ways to take control of the spin cycle and get your head straight.

Why not give it a go just for 10 minutes per day for 10 days and see what it can do for you.

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